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Psychology and therapy practice in downtown Los Angeles, California (DTLA). Individual therapy and counseling for stress, anxiety, depression, child anxiety, autism spectrum, and mindfulness-based coping. CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy), ACT, DBT, and evidence-based treatments.

Child & Adolescent Services

Golden Hour Therapy provides child/adolescent diagnosis, child/adolescent therapy and treatment, and case management for children and adolescents.

Child & Adolescent Services

Dr. Adams brings the fun as we review evidence-based practices for children and teens!

Dr. Adams brings the fun as we review evidence-based practices for children and teens!

Dr. Chang & Dr. Adams

Dr. Chang has provided treatment for children and adolescents throughout her career, and, with the addition of Dr. Adams to the practice, we’ve expanded our offerings! Dr. Adams’ experience complements Dr. Chang’s evidence-based approach, and Dr. Adams offers specific expertise in working with autism spectrum disorder issues as well as specific behavioral concerns, such as tics, OCD, hair-pulling, bedwetting, tantrums, and school refusal.

treatment options

We provide science-based treatment (usually behavioral therapy, evidence-based parent training, cognitive-behavioral therapy, etc.) and recommendations in response to your child’s individual needs.


With years of experience and advanced training, Dr. Chang and Dr. Adams understand the complications of diagnosing children early in life with mental disorders. While this can be a a difficult process for families, early identification of disorders almost always leads to better outcomes. We are trained to help you clarify and understand your child’s diagnosis and best treatment options, and we will refer you to a specialist if a full psychological assessment is necessary. We regularly collaborate with neuropsychologists, ABA providers, schools, pediatricians, and child/adolescent psychiatrists to create a comprehensive approach to your child’s needs.