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Psychology and therapy practice in downtown Los Angeles, California (DTLA). Individual therapy and counseling for stress, anxiety, depression, child anxiety, autism spectrum, and mindfulness-based coping. CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy), ACT, DBT, and evidence-based treatments.

Social Skills Group

Learn more about our evidence-based social skills group training experiences for children of all ages.


Social Skills Groups

Does your child struggle with social interactions? Have trouble making and keeping friends? Lack confidence in his/her communication abilities?

Social Skills Groups can help! Dr. Adams is offering a 10-session group for 2nd/3rd graders and 4th/5th graders with Autism Spectrum Disorder (formally diagnosed or suspected).

Children’s Friendship Training is a research-based intervention consisting of simultaneous child and caregiver sessions. Your child will learn a new skill each week, practice in group, and be assigned practice for the following week. Simultaneously, caregivers will learn the targeted skill and how to help, then serve as a coach for assigned practice.

Our next group begins September 2019! Click here to inquire or sign up: