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Psychology and therapy practice in downtown Los Angeles, California (DTLA). Individual therapy and counseling for stress, anxiety, depression, child anxiety, autism spectrum, and mindfulness-based coping. CBT (Cognitive-behavioral therapy), ACT, DBT, and evidence-based treatments.


We offer special programs in ACT and Mindfulness-based therapy, child and adolescent therapy/psychology treatment, and anxiety/depression treatment for young adults, including college students and young professionals in Downtown Los Angeles.

GHT Specialties

Dr. Gustafson finds inspiration in nature.

Dr. Gustafson finds inspiration in nature.

ACT and Mindfulness

Under the direction of specialist Dr. Carissa Gustafson, we offer Acceptance & Commitment Therapy, a “third-wave cognitive-behavioral therapy” that helps you relate to your thoughts in a different way. Creating distance between yourself and your thought patterns can provide you with new perspective and enhanced quality of life. Dr. Gustafson can also support you in practicing and integrating mindfulness into your life.

Dr. Adams prefers to sit on the floor with child clients.

Dr. Adams prefers to sit on the floor with child clients.

Child and Adolescent Clients

Dr. Chang has provided treatment for children and adolescents throughout her career, and, with the addition of Dr. Adams to the practice, we’ve expanded our offerings! Dr. Adams’ experience complements Dr. Chang’s evidence-based approach, and Dr. Adams offers specific expertise in working with autism spectrum disorder issues as well as more specific behavioral concerns, such as tics, OCD, hair-pulling, bedwetting, tantrums, and school refusal.

Dr. Chang enjoys laughing with clients.

Dr. Chang enjoys laughing with clients.

Anxiety and Depression in Young Adulthood

With our proximity to several L.A. colleges, including USC, FIDM, and Occidental College, we have become experts in working with college-aged students, a population with rising rates of anxiety, depression, and stressors related to social media, academic demands, and decisions typically faced in this phase of life. We also enjoy working with young professionals who are drawn to Downtown Los Angeles for careers and for the start of independent living. We offer special expertise as well as science-based approaches to support you.